We provide chemical as back fill compound. This chemical is permanent & maintenance free. Back fill compound is a conductivity improver compound. Ground Enrichment Material is a specially developed compound for having quality of highly conductive, non corrosive, absorbing & retaining the moisture for a long time. It reduces the soil resistively, it helps in faster dissipation of fault current, least fluctuation of OHMIC value and it eliminates the use of Salt. Charcoal etc. around the Earthing electrode.

It is economical compound to substantially lower earth resistance any metal electrodes and grounding grid systems, for reactivation of soil in new earthing network designing. This Backfill Compound i.e Earthing Compound is manufactured from environmentally sage and stable elements and it has an excellent self life and long term storage and has no performance effects. After erecting the pipe in the earth pit the Ground enhancing compound is mixed with water and filled around the pipe.

Our Compound is a granulated electrically conductive aggregate which replaces sand in mixes with cement, thereby providing electrically conductive concrete. Electrodes (including copper earth rods) can be encased in our compound mixture to greatly increase their surface area, lowering the resistance to earth. All of these products can be called conductive with resistivity of 5 ohms metres.

We are empowered with the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a competent workforce that make us one of the leading entities engaged in manufacturing a great range of Back Fill Compound. This compound is manufactured by our engineers using standard raw material procured from reliable vendors. Our Back Fill Compound reduces the soil resistivity, absorbs and retains moisture for long time & helps in current dissipation. We offer this compound at a reasonable price. Our professionals ensure that only defect-free range is delivered at the clients end within the promised time.



Amiable Impex is offering Ground Enhancement Material (GEM) from superior conductive material that solves your toughest grounding problems.

- Resistivity

- Maintains constant resistance of the ground system

- Performs in all soil conditions even during dry spells

- Decompose or leach out with time

Sizes Available for Ground Enhancement Material

15 Kg Bag

20 Kg Bag

25 Kg Bag

(We also do packing as per Customers Requirement)


1. Not soluble & part of the earth pit.

2. Hydroscopic in nature.

3. Enhances performance of electrode - Electrolytic Gel solution.

4. Maintains moisture and enhances conductivity around the electrode.

5. Does not leach in to the normal soil.

6. Reduces soil resistivity around the electrode.

Ground Enhancement Material (GEM) quickly absorbs moisture from the soil when used dry to reach its maximum conductivity in days. This compound is highly stable long term, low resistance fill for high resistance soil sites having high electrical conductivity. GEM also has a low freezing point & low expansion factor and retains more moisture for longer Period of time and provide extensive protection to an Earthing Compound is available in 35kg packs.

Ground Enhancement Material (GEM) is a permanent & maintenance free (No recharging with salt or chemical which may be corrosive) and attain earth resistivity with time. This compound sets firmly and not dissolve or decompose or otherwise pollute the soil and much suitable for installation in dry form or in slurry form. This compound has no dependency on the continuous pressure of water to maintain its conductivity and is most ideal in areas of poor conductivity suitable for both backfilling around grounding rods and trench installation.

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