To protect the earth pits against ingression of foreign material, an appropriate earth pit cover is provided to be placed atop the earth pit. Earth Pits provide a secure and user friendly access point for maintenance purposes and the periodical measuring of electrical resistance of a buried earthing system.


In order to complete routine measurements of electrical resistance simply remove the lid from the installed earth pit and connect a lead from the resistance meter to the earthing conductor.

Our Earth Pit is manufactured from heavy duty polypropylene for high strength, available in standard and lightweight variants.

Polyplastic earth pit cover is maintenance free earth pit cover.

It is of heavy duty and lasts for 15 years minimum.

Main features Earth Pit Cover / Earth Pit Chambers :

- Factory- built long holes for accessing pipes easily at site

- Made of heavy – duty polyethylene for extra durability.

- Resistant materials, assuring long use-life.

- Green top cap matches the environment.

- Non breakable for load upto 3000kg.

- Integral lock 

- Internal slots to enable an integral earth bar to be fitted

Range of pit cover includes Concrete pit cover and polypropylene plastic earth OR earthing pit cover / PP Pit Cover. 

Installation Process 

Ground Preparation 

Excavate the hole to suit the pit, put a bag mix concrete pad to the pit to sit on, in order to create an even solid base.  

Pit Placement

Set the pit in place, and connect the appropriate pipe work to the pit. With a grated pit the grates sits inside the pit.  

Back Fill
Back Fill the hole with stabilised crushed rock or concrete depending on the load classifaction.

Protective Edge

All pits require a concrete surround at the top edge of the pit for protection against vehicle impact. 


The physical qualities of our Cover is that with its excellent dielectric properties, high mechanical strengths, chemical resistance and zero water absorption make it ideal for electrical applications. 

Earth Pit Cover / Earthing Pit Cover:- 

Our Earth Pit Cover is made up of high grade PVC. Its unique design has been developed by our own R & D team. Our earth pit cover is most economical in use and easy to handle. earth pit covers provides the protection and safety to the electrode. Top cover is renewable to facilitate the easy inspectionand checking of earthing in industrial and commercial applications. It offers high mechanical strength corrosion free and resistant to sunlight.

More features of Earth Pit Cover / Earth Pit Chambers:

Lightweight, compared to cement concrete.
Easy to handle.
Manufactured from chemical and corrosion resistant.
Easy to cut with disc grinder and masonry drill.
No steel reinforcement.
Easy to fit and seal dividing walls.
High tensile strength.
Impact resistant.
High compressive strength.
Excellent dielectric properties.
Resists most alkalis and acids.
Resists stress cracking.
Retains stiffness and flex.
Low moisture absorption.
Easily fabricated.
High heat resistance
Custom built opening at the bottom side
Modular design for easy replacement of parts
Cylindrical design used for better use of space available
Grip at the bottom end which is resistant in unwanted pulling of cover Corrosion free.

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