Copper Bonded Grounding Plate or Copper Bonded Ground Plate are made from MS Steel with 25 to 100 microns of Copper Bonding on MS Steel. 

Copper Bonded Grounding Plate is available in 25 microns, 50 microns, 100 microns, 250 microns, 350 microns.


where A = Length, B = Width and C = Thickness of the plate

Size (A x B x C) Product Code
600 x 600 x 1.5   AI2-CBP - 615
500 x 500 x 1.5   AI2-CBP - 515
600 x 600 x 3 AI2-CBP - 63
900 x 900 x 3 AI2-CBP - 93
500 x 500 x 3 AI2-CBP - 53

 We are accredited for offering our customers a vast range of Copper Bonded Grounding Plate which is also known as Copper Bonded Grounding Plate or Copper Bonded Ground Plate. These copper Earth plates are quite durable due to the fact that they are resistant from oxidations and corrosion.

Ground mat is a Flat, flexible pad used for working on electrostatic sensitive devices. It is generally made of a conductive plastic or metal mesh covered substrate which is electrically attached to earth. This helps discharge any static charge which a worker has built up, as well as any static charge on tools or exposed components lay on the mat.

Ground mats are also found on fuel trucks and tankers, which are otherwise insulated from ground as they make physical contact only with their tires and the air; obviously static discharge is undesirable during fuel-transfer operations. Similarly, in aircraft refuelling, a grounding mat cable connects the tanker (truck or airplane) to the fuel-seeking craft to eliminate charge differences before fuel is transferred.

In an electrical substation and ground mat is a mesh of conductive material installed at places where a person would stand to operate a switch or other apparatus; it is bonded to the local supporting metal structure and to the handle of the switchgear, so that the person operator will not be exposed to a high differential voltage due to a fault in the substation.

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